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Solvassure’s automated functions alleviate the time and effort involved in collating
compliance information, we also offer complimentary activities.

Compliance assured

Our unique solution ensures that compliance data is provided in real-time, making each individual accountable and providing auditable supporting evidence.

Base user license

System access for all users including maintenance and upgrades on a 12 month rolling basis.

Smartphone application

Access for all users, including GPS location marking, maintenance and upgrades.

Professional services

Project manager, implementation consultant, application developer, system tester.

Help desk

In house client team are trained for first line support, analysts for second line support.

Environment hosting

Secure cloud based and we welcome penetration testing.

Data storage

Evidence and template documents can be stored in our hosted environment.

Partner services

Translation any foreign language using our chosen translation partner.

Content licensing

Licensed content from third party sources to enable the expansion of your compliance framework.

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