Solvassure is a cloud based solution that distributes and tracks automated assurance information direct from key stakeholders.

Compliance assured

A flexible data hierarchy makes extensive drill down of exceptions and historical trends possible at the touch of a button, with a fully auditable time stamped data trail. Template or evidence files can also be attached and automated emails are consolidated for each user to notify them about pending or outstanding responses making every individual accountable for their actions.

Activity hierarchy

An activity hierarchy enables an organisation to split activities for reporting purposes by operational territories, lines of business, regulation types, periodic assurance and even special projects.

Rules library

A rules library enables traceable impact analyses, business requirements and compliance indicators to be processed from the associated published regulations.

Responsibilities assignment

Automated assurance functions can trace the role allocation, responsibilities assignment, handover documentation and daily activities of key personnel.

Regulatory workflow

Regulatory workflow ensures that the right steps are taken by the right individuals, delivering templates and collecting evidence when required.

Breach reporting

A user initiated breach button triggers a comprehensive investigation process and informs all relevant stakeholders in real time using an exceptions dashboard.

Risk management

A pre-defined risk management process ensures that every identified risk is captured, analysed and mitigated with supporting documentation.

Best practice

An assurance review copy function enables best practice activities to be replicated across different parts of the organisation at the touch of a button.

Stakeholder communication

A notifications function not only distributes targeted instructions to employees, but also informs a wider group of stakeholders including customers and third party suppliers.

Service levels

A contract monitoring utility means that service level obligations can be identified and traced with problems reported to responsible owners in priority sequence.

Data monitoring

A data monitoring function checks internal and external field values against pre-defined values and raises an assurance activity automatically if there is a problem.

Import function

A data import function enables employee information such and personnel records and training history to be imported with a drag and drop staff hierarchy.

Supporting documentation

Document templates can be delivered to users and supporting evidence can be retrieved from users providing a full historical audit trail.

Regulatory packs

Additional regulations can be processed by our solution with prioritised exceptions consolidated into one single dashboard from the entire organisation anywhere in the world.

Mobile application

A smartphone application allows on-the-go management reporting and even location tracking of individuals when a system response is made, if required.

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