Helping to organise
your Accountability

A comprehensive checklist created from the Financial Conduct Authority’s Handbook and combined with best practice material to deliver over 400 Accountability compliance safeguards.

Try out our Accountability technology

The best regulatory framework
that supports Accountability in
your organisation will begin with
a proof of concept.

Delivering measurable value

The pilot is intended to substantiate the capabilities of the system and underwrite its feasibility.  The compliance staff who will be using the system can explore its capabilities and determine the best fit. At the end of the pilot, performance will be evaluated by sponsors and users on pre-defined criteria.

Following defined steps

Each pilot follows a set of pre-defined activities to ensure a methodical approach. We will discuss with you the best approach for a pilot in your organisation, including what will be the most suitable location, team or function to launch into, how to brief staff and how to evaluate the outcome.

Testing critical functions

Staff using the system can explore its capabilities and determine the best fit for the organisation.

Senior Managers Regime functions:

  • Senior Management Functions.
  • Prescribed Responsibilities.
  • Statements of Responsibilities.
  • Management Responsibilities Map.
  • Significant Influence Functions.
  • Management Groups & Committees.
  • Handover Certificates.

Certification Regime functions:

  • Significant harm functions.
  • Honesty, integrity, reputation.
  • Competence, capability.
  • Financial soundness.
  • Employer’s reference.
  • Regulatory reference.
  • Annual certificate.

Conduct Rule functions:

  • Senior manager conduct rules.
  • Individual conduct rules.
  • Training history.
  • Whistleblowing process.
  • Disciplinary reporting.
  • Appraisal tracking.
  • Internal communications.

Duty of Responsibility functions:

  • Low level regulations.
  • Department operations.
  • Committee governance.
  • Executive on-boarding.
  • NED roles & responsibilities.
  • Implementation tracking.
  • Best practice assurance.

More than just a pilot

In addition to making sure Solvassure is appropriate for your organisation, we will also prepare the way for you to move to the next phase. This includes a full business case with ROI and a high level implementation plan.

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