Helping to organise
your Accountability

A comprehensive checklist created from the Financial Conduct Authority’s Handbook and combined with best practice material to deliver over 400 Accountability compliance safeguards.




“Senior managers will be held individually accountable for failure to meet our requirements”

Andrew Bailey,
Chief Executive of the PRA

“We met the deadline on March 7th 2016, now the real work begins.”

Compliance Manager,
Investment Bank

“In 2014 the total amount of fines issued by the Financial Conduct Authority was almost £1.5bn”

“This tool is the future for banks to approach assurance in a methodical and consistent way”

Head of Regulatory Deployment,
Tier One Bank

“The Governance, Risk, and Compliance market is ready for disruption ”


“A user-friendly and intuitive product which clearly fills a significant gap in the market”

Managing Director,
Global Investment Bank

Solvassure. Compliance Technology.