SMCR Compliance Monitoring

Ensure your project
adheres to best
practice standards

Our comprehensive checklist created from an Axelos (Cabinet Office) licensed publication and combined with best practice material includes over 500 PRINCE2 measures.

What are the PRINCE2 standards?

PRINCE2 is the world’s most widely-adopted project management method, used by people and organizations from wide-ranging industries and sectors. It is a flexible method that guides project managers through the essentials for managing successful projects, regardless of type or scale. Built upon seven principles, themes and processes, the methodology can also be tailored to meet company specific requirements.

How can Solvassure help?

Solvassure’s cloud based technology helps firms adhere to PRINCE2 project standards, reducing the cost of assurance activities and lending traceability to project managers. It achieves this by sending out pre-defined checks to nominated stakeholders from a rules library which is licensed by Axelos (Cabinet Office), reporting exceptions in real time.

Solution features

Process checklist

Manage your project assurance procedures effectively using systematic controls licensed from Axelos (Cabinet Office).

  • Starting up a Project
  • Initiating a Project
  • Controlling a stage
  • Managing product delivery
  • Managing stage boundaries
  • Closing a project.

Project themes

Manage your project themes effectively using systematic controls licensed from Axelos (Cabinet Office).

  • Business case
  • Organisation
  • Quality
  • Plans
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Progress.

Environment hosting

Our software as a service solution provides a single source of information twenty four seven and lowers compliance expenditure with cost effective pricing.

  • Secure cloud based platform
  • Data centre conforms to ISO27001
  • Smartphone app with location marking
  • Business hours helpdesk.

What are the key principles?

Continued business justification: there must also be a justifiable reason to be running and managing the project. If not, the project should be closed.

Learn from experience: PRINCE2 project teams should continually seek and draw on lessons learned from previous work.

Defined roles and responsibilities: the PRINCE2 project team should have a clear organizational structure and involve the right people in the right tasks.

Manage by stages: PRINCE2 projects should be planned, monitored and controlled on a stage-by-stage basis.

Manage by exception: people working within the project should be given the right amount of authority to effectively work within the environment.

Focus on products: PRINCE2 projects focus on the product definition, delivery and quality requirements.

Tailor to suit the project environment: PRINCE2 must be tailored to suit the project’s environment, size, complexity, importance, capability and risk.

Where is our material licensed from?

AXELOS is a joint venture company, created in 2013 by the Cabinet Office on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) in the United Kingdom and Capita plc, to manage, develop and grow the Global Best Practice portfolio. The company is responsible for developing, enhancing and promoting a number of best practice frameworks and methodologies used globally by professionals working primarily in IT service management, project, programme and portfolio management and cyber resilience.

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