Helping to speed
up your GDPR

A comprehensive checklist created from the Information Commissioner's Office regulatory guidance and combined with best practice material to deliver over 500 GDPR compliance safeguards.

Benefits that enable a speedy return on investment
Solvassure’s fast-track implementation process will not only reduce the time it takes to introduce a GDPR compliance framework but also lower the cost of doing it.

Improve visibility

Improve GDPR compliance visibility with prioritised real time breach warnings.

Demonstrate accountability

Verify key data protection resource accountability by digitally capturing historical evidence.

Reduce overheads

Lower the cost of resourcing personal data monitoring with automated activity checking.

Accelerate efficiency

Speed up the process of chasing critical activities and key performance indicators.

Identify opportunities

Identify improvement opportunities using a Data Protection Impact Assessment template.

Best practice

Integrate new compliance packs including IT security and business continuity with re-usable frameworks.

Decrease risk

Reduce the risk of a fine of 4% annual turnover and the reputational damage that goes with it.

Better collaboration

Deliver accurate instructions and wider programme information to embed cultural privacy change.

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