A smarter way for consulting firms to deliver their products and services remotely

Solvassure’s digital platform provides a single repository for storing and delivering expertise generated by management consulting firms, enabling client assignments to be accomplished virtually.


Some forecasts suggest that $30 billion could be wiped of the value of the global consulting industry by the end of 2020 due to the impact of coronavirus, so industry leaders must act decisively and fast.

Working remotely could
become the new norm

New ideas take time and can lose market share

Hard to stand out in a very crowded market

Benched resources are costly
and unproductive

Consistency of delivery is
difficult to achieve


Solvassure is an affordable cloud based and mobile enabled framework that helps management consulting firms implement know-how, by automating assurance checks from a digital library of their own expertise.


Our platform is packed with a unique combination of structured, automated and auditable features that you won’t find in traditional collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom, Project or Slack:

Client business model
Roles and responsibilities
Rules repository
Template delivery

Evidence collection

Exceptions prioritised

Calendar and workflow

User communications

Expertise content import

Work-From-Home monitor

Location Tracking

Privacy compliance

Committee governance

Incident management

Historical traceability

Automated auditing

Smartphone app

Configurable and re-usable


The advantages of becoming a next generation digital consulting firm will be a “Kodak” moment for many organisations, it could determine whether their business model survives or thrives in the coming months.


Lower cost resource can follow simple automated instructions with easy new starter on-boarding.


Up-sell opportunities from additional content improve product offerings and client retention rates.


Global client recurring revenue is increased using licensed technology and managed services.


A white label intellectual property repository adds value to your business and replicates knowledge easily.


Our powerful platform lends significant advantages over your competitors in a crowded market.


Each consulting firm is able to target market opportunities by creating proprietary assurance products in days rather than months, keeping your ideas fresh and your clients engaged.


As well as storing knowledge and advice generated by each consulting firm, our unique platform can provide additional regulatory and best practice modules at cost effective prices with easy implementation.



Corporate Governance


IT Security



We are also working with the University of Reading and Oxford University Press to develop AI that will significantly disrupt the management consulting and publishing industries.

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