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Our cloud systems are hosted by Reconnix, a UK based hosting and support provider.

All monitoring options are designed to focus on the most critical components of our site and instantly alert us to issues before they become problems. Historical monitoring data is also available for trend analysis and to track the impact of any changes made.

For server hardware, we only use Dell or HP who continue to improve the performance of their servers by using the most up-to-date technologies. This provides excellent performance and capacity for growth.

For Cloud storage we use NetApp® systems which provide a powerful range of technologies and features based on Data ONTAP®. This helps increase storage utilisation and the efficiency of our system and storage administrators.

We do not re-use old equipment and utilise the latest energy efficient hardware to reduce the Carbon Footprint of each server.

All data centres feature 24×7 security systems including 365 days a year monitoring by on-site personnel to include verification of all persons entering the building. CCTV video camera surveillance operates throughout, along with biometric scanning and security breach alarms. These measures are fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) physical security standards, section 9.

There are dedicated hardware and software firewalls and a default security policy provides a perimeter defence against threats. There are no redundant programs on the server and monthly patch updates are performed along with same day critical security updates.

The system features a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protected helpdesk system and SSH authentication with passphrase login. It is also supported by managed backups and disaster recovery procedures.

Ethical Hacker Certification has been awarded to ForLinux from The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). The purpose of the EC-Council is to support the role of organizations that design, create, manage or market Security and E-Business solutions.

Daily server snapshots are performed for server recovery purposes as it provides the fastest data recovery possible. With this strategy, all essential system files and data directories are copied once per day. The Daily Server Snapshot executes overnight and will overwrite the existing Server Snapshot.

All data centres are connected to a redundant high capacity power supply, supported by a UPS system with back up diesel generators on-site. They have access to international, national and metropolitan Tier 1 and 2 carriers with Ethernet links from 1Mbps up to multi-gigabit bandwidths. Resiliency is provided by diverse fibre links.

The systems reside in a fully managed climate controlled environment across all data floors to ensure the air is managed at an optimum temperature & humidity. Fire protection is provided by Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) to minimise the risk of fire. Environmentally-friendly gas based or water mist suppression systems are used to extinguish fires with minimal damage.

Company Certifications: ISO27001, ISO20001, BS9001.
Data Centre Certifications: ISO27001.
Resource Certifications: LPI level 1,2 and 3 Certified Staff, Certified Ethical Hacker.

• • • Help • • •

Solvassure will support you throughout the process of implementing and running our revolutionary automated assurance solution and our team of experts is on hand to answer queries and resolve issues.

First level support is provided by the nominated Administrators within your organisation. These individuals are fully trained in system configuration and administration including the set up of system parameters, organisational data, user profiles, assurance activities and question reviews. They are responsible for resolving operational data queries and system knowledge issues. Where this is not possible, queries will be escalated to our customer support helpdesk.

Second level support is provided by our customer support helpdesk during normal support hours via a premium rate phone line or email. Our support staff will guide your Administrator through a number of steps to determine the source of the issue. When a problem cannot be resolved immediately we commit to respond to you within a pre-defined timeframe, depending upon the severity of the reported issue. In most instances we will be able to provide a solution from source. Where a system defect is detected, the matter will be escalated to our development team for fixing.

Third level support is provided by our development team who will analyse the issue, prioritise the fix and develop the code. This solution will be tested and implemented according to its priority and our planned release schedule. Client Administrators will be kept informed of progress using our helpdesk ticket system.

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We pride ourselves on looking after the individual needs of our customers and ensuring the security and integrity of their business data.



Defined as the entire server being down and inaccessible with all users affected. These incidents are extremely rare and given the highest property by our support team.



Defined as operation of the service being severely degraded, or major components of the service are not operational and work cannot reasonably continue owing to hardware or software failure, with more than 20 users affected.



Defined as certain non-essential features of the service being impaired or subject to periodic interruptions whilst most major components of the service remain functional, with more than 10 but less than 20 users affected.



Defined as errors that are non-disabling or cosmetic and clearly have little or no impact on the normal operation of the service, with between 1 and 10 users affected.