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A cloud based solution that intelligently questions accountable individuals.

Solvassure automates the process of collecting compliance information from anywhere in the world, bringing prioritised issues and actions to life in a unique dashboard. It features exclusive rules handling and data retrieval technology that enables calendar, workflow and event driven assurance reviews to monitor global activities automatically.


Extensive drill down of exceptions and historical trends create detailed performance metrics from which behavioural patterns can be derived, success rewarded and failure addressed. Solutions can be tailored made to meet the specific needs of each client and hosted data is provided securely and in real time twenty four seven.

"Solvassure offers significant gains by
automating the question and answer process"
Senior Partner, Global FS Consulting Firm

• • • Track • • •

A flexible reporting function for comprehensive attestation tracking.

Solvassure helps your organisation monitor adherence to FCA and PRA rules by providing the attestation management, evidence collection and compliance reporting that is required by the regulator.

Senior Managers’ Regime

  • Senior Management functions are assigned and tracked as FCA or PRA compulsory roles.
  • Nominated responsibilities are linked to Senior Management Functions for acceptance by end users.
  • A Statement of Responsibilities is generated for Senior Managers and Significant Influence Functions.
  • A User Hierarchy is modified in the drag and drop hierarchy maintenance function.
  • A Responsibilities Map is generated for selected users as a PDF or exported as a CSV file.

Certification Regime

  • An automated annual FIT assessment is generated for SMR functions with supporting evidence.
  • An automated annual FIT assessment is generated for significant harm functions with supporting evidence.

Conduct Rules

  • New Conduct Rules adherence is automatically monitored for all nominated senior managers and extended users.
  • New Conduct Rules training activities are automatically monitored for all nominated senior managers and extended users.
  • Compliance breaches are raised, evidenced and tracked for formal notification to internal stakeholders and the regulator.
"This tool is the future for banks to approach assurance
in a methodical and consistent way"
Head of Regulatory Deployment, Tier One Bank

• • • Extend • • •

A low cost application that consolidates regulatory issues into a single dashboard.

The unique design of our solution means additional regulations can easily be integrated into your assurance framework. This will enable you to stay on top of your extended regulatory portfolio by keeping track of further compliance initiatives including Volcker, CASS, MiFid II, conduct risk, financial crime and more.

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